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How can I help you further, I have a great deal of experience with property matters in Berlin, so I will easily be able to put you in touch with the people who can achieve the results you are seeking.


I had to go through about 10 property management companies before finding one that understands what British clients require, how they want information delivers and what their main aims are whist at the same time managing existing tenants in an effective and cost effective way, if you would like to be put in touch with our property manager she would be happy to discuss your requirements, for me she is the one person who took the management of our client’s apartments from a bit of a headache to a breeze, can’t recommend her highly enough…full management service available.


One of the main things that will make your building profitable is efficient management of lettings, charge too much and tenants don’t stay, charge too much and they stay for a very long time, the average tenancy in Berlin is 7 years and 7 month so it’s critical to get it right, refurbishment of apartments and knowing if that will yield a better rent after the costs are taken into account, our lettings agent will be able to guide you as he is an expert in lettings in Berlin, he is also very tuned into to current trends and has managed the transformation of many commercial units with old poor performing business tenants to younger more vibrant businesses paying very good rents.



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